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Transmissions from the Future

by Crypt Crawler

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    Physical release of our recorded live set 'Transmissions from the Future' at Vision Studios on August 10, 2021, with artwork by Mark Riddick at RiddickArt and photography by JV Photo & Film.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Transmissions from the Future via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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This is not a dream We are using your brain's electrical system as a receiver We are unable to transmit through conscious neural interference You are receiving this broadcast as a dream We are transmitting from the year two, zero, two, one You are receiving this broadcast in order to alter the events you are seeing Our technology has not developed a transmitter strong enough to reach your conscious state of awareness But this is not a dream You are seeing what is actually occurring for the purpose of causality violation This is not a dream These are transmissions from the future
From birth to the factory Manipulating what you see Reconstructing judgement Engineering your beliefs Mind controlled slaves Programmed to hate Lobotomised population Made to obey Evil carved from human flesh Ridding the optics of the populace As free thought is expelled Living in this conjured hell They've altered reality For their supremacy Until totality The end of humanity Future Usurper We look to the burning skies All we've ever known Born into a life Knelt before its throne Values once prescribed Are now dissolved Injected with lies Our minds sealed close Evil carved from human flesh Wreaking malevolent devastation Unrelenting suffering Is now society's normality Ashes float through the air The past remains in the present despair The adversary casts its orders And we've become servants in accordance We gave birth To this hell on earth
Force fed to the dead Enforced down below In sewers we roam Infected undead Crawling on beds of bones To keep us slumber To sate our hunger They feed us with hope Of a better future We devour all that we're given Force fed to the dead Curated nourishment Brainless consumption As we gorge on the flesh Force fed to the dead Digest at their behest No will to object As we gorge on the flesh Force feeding your thoughts Gluttons for torture To retain the horde Under their orders Freedom confined As we comply/Void of a life Accustomed norm Reality defined The body and blood The absence of sun Everything we know Was shoved down our throats
I have you caged It's your turn to feel pain Camera in place Drugged and going insane Live stream your death Let them all see you maimed Chains around your neck I will now begin to dissect Bleed for me Let them all see you Skinned alive Suffer before my eyes Skinned alive The pleasure was all mine Skinned alive Suffer before our eyes Skinned alive Edging closer to ending your life Slabs of meat Weighed to eat Flayed and afraid We love hearing you in pain Putting up a fight With every slice Just a little salt And we'll fry you tonight Bleed for me Let them all see you skinned alive
The eye unopened To that which we do not know Perspectives unspoken Until we are shown Onset inequality Left disregarded This inhumanity Acceptance, we discarded A pandemic of ignorance Infectious on birth The inherent complexion Left cracks in the earth Imitation of impressions So discordant and wrong Else the counter reprisal Will breed hate and regression Collective shearing Defective response Selective hearing Causing retaliation As the cogs cease From fatigued oppression Divisive ideologies Will keep us distant Extremist systems Will surge the schism
The sky Absent of light Say goodbye to the world in which you reside It dwells above us The soul harvester One by one Consuming all whom you love Destined to die For the sins of mankind You may run You may hide But it will take you And flay your life The shadow in the sky Awaiting your life Its hunger must be satisfied To survive Where there is dark There must be light We must burn the sky To save all life It dwells above us The soul harvester Looming over a burning world Reminiscent of hell A shadow that no one can find Except in your mind Humanity lit the match Now we all burn alive We all burn alive The rotting flesh Of those its chosen A vessel made of death Endlessly growing The world we know Slowly burning away There, looms its shadow As darkness clouds each day Once shadow, now flesh Bringing an end to everything As it takes control Of its human hosts The collected souls Will walk as one Hunting for its growth Feeding the shadow That dwells above us All the lost souls Possessed by its hold Harvested and flayed The shadow in full control Uniform graves A world in flames The only light that remains Quando la carne di tutti diventa uno Sarà la fine di tutto The soul harvester The end of existence
Protected by their faith As they slur upon the graves Of those that chose not to follow Deeming them a disgrace They will suffer the same fate Upon death's embrace Buried in the blood Of those they defaced A web of lies Sealing shut their eyes As the mouth of death Salivates upon them They will fear each step Until their final breath And as the mouth of death Calls out their names They will cower away And reject their fate Souls deemed unworthy By charlatan devotees Striking judgment upon them Hellfire for eternity Unable to see Their violent dichotomy As messages of hate Ultimately succeed Upon the final hour You will suffer death's devour Transcend beyond the grave To the hell, which you cower
The crows peck at all the corpses Hung before this place of worship Beaks dissect, gnawing their organs As blood pours onto the church steps This once holy ground Blasphemed and burnt down As the church bells sound Hell unveils its shroud Unholy cathedral Bathing in the flames of evil Thy kingdom, soaked in blood The gates of hell, now open Taking control of their minds As they tie the rope, one at a time Leaping to death, ending their lives To begin again, as servants of the Antichrist Possessing all of the clergy Confessing sins so unholy Demonic forces controlling Summoning the evil within Converting all of the convent Inverting the cross they possess Tightening chains around their necks Leading them right to their descent
Nel nome del Padre, e del Figlio, e dello Spirito Santo She's speaking in tongues Vomiting her blood Possessed, they attempt An exorcism They say she let the devil in That she was basking in sin Opened her soul to him Now she will burn for all of it Deliver us, lord, from all evil Drive this demon so deceitful From the body of this women May her soul be cleansed Of the evil spirits within She harbours another life inside of her Possessed in utero The demon whispers Convincing her to perform a caesarean I hear their prayers Useless to this devil I'm a passenger A vessel to its will Scissors placed in my hands I commence the extraction My child, yours to keep In exchange for my release I surrender my soul unto thee Let your darkness take me
I drag the ripe bodies Up the height of the mountain At the head of the stream I begin the blood fountain With a slice to the throat The river starts to flow Body after body Drained for my children's growth The river of blood Where they come to feast The river of blood From caves they scurry The river of blood They bathe in its streams The river of blood Sustenance they need These deformed creatures Emerging to the scent To some they may be demons But they are all of my children I end their torment With the blood of the dead I even push the bodies in And let them feast on the flesh May the river run red With the blood of the dead Let these creatures feast As the blood runs down the mountain
One day your skin will be mine I'll slit your throat from behind Bathe in your blood And wear your face like a mask Flesh obsessed I'm possessed in my need to experiment Flesh obsessed I will not rest til I'm dressed in the dead Maybe I'll feed you The flesh around your spine It'll be the greatest meat you'll ever try Snapping out of my dreams Saliva on my sleeve My morals always getting the better of me But how will I feed my desires? I may just eat myself if my needs become dire Starting with my leg I cut off chunks of flesh Frying them Using my blood as sauce for digestion
The air we breathe has lost its mercy The dead have risen feasting on the living Human kind, struggling to survive The stench of death dwells This is now our eternal hell There are bones buried beneath these roads Walk the streets of the dead, upon their ghostly beds Entrails, the soil beneath our feet Pale earth, overcome by disease Mutilate the head Neutralise the undead A small step to suspend An ever nearing end Extract the earth Of all its remaining worth Sunk teeth, blood transfusion Drive the blade, brain intrusion Teeth protrude the flesh Decomposed carcasses Rise from their death beds Thirsting for blood to be bled Drive the blade through the brain Send them back to the grave And so begins the feast


Western Australian Death Metal act Crypt Crawler have just announced their live show stream titled ‘Transmissions from the Future’. Professionally recorded on August 10th, 2021 at Vision Studios, the live set features tracks spanning across all of Crypt Crawler's quality discography.

‘Transmissions from the Future’ will also be released on physical cassette, limited to 100 hand numbered copies on orange shells, with audio recorded by Ethan MacPherson and mixed/mastered by Marco Ieritano. ‘Transmissions from the Future’ also features a brand new song titled ‘Pale Earth’ – an unreleased track written during the ‘To the Grave’ sessions, that has been reworked and resurrected for your listening pleasure.


released November 28, 2021

© 2021 Crypt Crawler
Recorded live at Vision Studios on 10/08/2021
All songs performed & written by Crypt Crawler
Recorded and Engineered by Ethan MacPherson
Mixed and Mastered by Marco Ieritano
Cover Art by Mark Riddick at RiddickArt


all rights reserved



Crypt Crawler Perth, Australia

Western Australian Death Metal.

With influences such as Death, Obituary and Morbid Angel, Crypt Crawler bring back the sound of the old school whilst incorporating the undertones of today's modern death metal.


Photos by JV Photo & Film
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