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Future Usurper

by Crypt Crawler

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Riley thumbnail
Riley Flying the Australian death metal flag high! Definitely has some Death influence about it.. Incredible record Favorite track: Future Usurper.
Daniel Lueckman
Daniel Lueckman thumbnail
Daniel Lueckman My favourite album 2021, These guys kick ass!🔥💪🏼🤘🏼 Favorite track: Once Shadow, Now Flesh.
reidy86 thumbnail
reidy86 Impressive album - blending everything that is good about the seminal Florida and Sweedish death metal scenes from the 90s, with some modern flavour.

FFO: Death, Obituary, Bolt Thrower, Entombed Favorite track: The Mouth of Death.
Heb13:8 thumbnail
Heb13:8 Australia breeds the harshest environments... crocodiles, killer spiders, mean ass steroid jacked-up kangaroos! It’s only fitting a band like that slither out of this territory
curtspawn thumbnail
curtspawn legit as fucking fuck
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Protected by their faith As they slur upon the graves Of those that chose not to follow Deeming them a disgrace They will suffer the same fate Upon death's embrace Buried in the blood Of those they defaced A web of lies Sealing shut their eyes As the mouth of death Salivates upon them They will fear each step Until their final breath And as the mouth of death Calls out their names They will cower away And reject their fate Souls deemed unworthy By charlatan devotees Striking judgment upon them Hellfire for eternity Unable to see Their violent dichotomy As messages of hate Ultimately succeed Upon the final hour You will suffer death's devour Transcend beyond the grave To the hell, which you cower
From birth to the factory Manipulating what you see Reconstructing judgement Engineering your beliefs Mind controlled slaves Programmed to hate Lobotomised population Made to obey Evil carved from human flesh Ridding the optics of the populace As free thought is expelled Living in this conjured hell They've altered reality For their supremacy Until totality The end of humanity Future Usurper We look to the burning skies All we've ever known Born into a life Knelt before its throne Values once prescribed Are now dissolved Injected with lies Our minds sealed close Evil carved from human flesh Wreaking malevolent devastation Unrelenting suffering Is now society's normality Ashes float through the air The past remains in the present despair The adversary casts its orders And we've become servants in accordance We gave birth To this hell on earth
Force fed to the dead Enforced down below In sewers we roam Infected undead Crawling on beds of bones To keep us slumber To sate our hunger They feed us with hope Of a better future We devour all that we're given Force fed to the dead Curated nourishment Brainless consumption As we gorge on the flesh Force fed to the dead Digest at their behest No will to object As we gorge on the flesh Force feeding your thoughts Gluttons for torture To retain the horde Under their orders Freedom confined As we comply/Void of a life Accustomed norm Reality defined The body and blood The absence of sun Everything we know Was shoved down our throats
Delirium 04:56
As the bowels are gutted The blood will still gush From the mouth of the fathers This vessel, corrupt No matter which artery Is severed or cut We'll still bleed out violently As the stitches erupt It's only inevitable The cessation of our species Beyond human will The collapse of society All the lies, constantly vomited From the heights of all the nominates As they guide a civilization Through decline, and into the darkness With no will to confess The absence of hope in our prospects The false sense that we need The delirium of mortality As the cancers begin Rotting the system The body will perish As will all within The breaking down of flesh Its sole outer protection As the stitches rupture With one final breath Only after, when there's nothing left To hold us together But the remnants of death Will you regret
The dreary cycles of neglect Oh how the calling tides repeat Hear thee, in lieu of the regret That we'll reap from extremities Generations bearing mistakes Unable to remediate The dreary cycles of neglect Oh how the calling tides repeat The eye unopened To that which we do not know Perspectives unspoken Until we are shown Onset inequality Left disregarded This inhumanity Acceptance, we discarded A pandemic of ignorance Infectious on birth The inherent complexion Left cracks in the earth Imitation of impressions So discordant and wrong Else the counter reprisal Will breed hate and regression Collective shearing Defective response Selective hearing Causing retaliation As the cogs cease From fatigued oppression Divisive ideologies Will keep us distant Extremist systems Will surge the schism
The sound drawing them in Their harsh possessive hymns Behind the façade there is Only endless suffering The misguided words they sing Are slowly paralysing Orchestrating attempts At controlling humanity The alluring, albeit malevolent progressions As the darkened melodies harmonise tension Soothing and abusing the ceded aural palette You are coerced into a haunting digression The everlasting droning noise Poisoning the pools of thought The masses concede free choice Unto respite transgression Beckoning the chords That are controlling humanity The mind in contention As the final notes repeat They are all possessed By the choir of reprieve The voices of the choir The strings of dissonance The wood for the pyre As they light the fire from under us Pardoned, are your sins Reprieve, you're granted The deceitful consonance As your eyes remain blinded All coerced as a whole To sing in rhythm The notes begin fostering All of your inhibitions Ceasing volition
Their conniving eyes I see them lurking from beyond Sneering through their lies Straight faced, they sing their songs Pretentious Rapacious Conceited Narcissist Nothing can be just Rife in corruption Absent compassion Of the avaricious ones My forgiveness was a weakness Raped and taken for granted Their convincing persuasion Laced in insincerity The conformation Of their built monopoly With no alternative I face this double edge sword You may be adept by title But solely via forged discourse Their conniving eyes I see them lurking from beyond Sneering through their lies Straight face, they sing their songs With devious intentions The tongue slithers in deceit Endless empty promises Are all that I seem to see The serpent sinks its teeth in Draining the blood of its victim Leaving you to rot Now worthless and discarded
Horrors of humanity Declination of being Horrors of humanity Spreading the vile disease Selective breeding Forced neutering Of degenerates Unfit to parent Discontinuing This downward spiral The poor children Tainted on arrival So backwards, as we control What other lifeforms can do Yet not our own, capable of far worse And we ignore the truth Intoxicated upon birth Deteriorated mental worth The ones who gave them life Should be buried in the dirt To create generations Completely unstable To ruin a future That could have been beautiful Inhumane treatment of other species The inability to live in harmony A pure lack of regard for this earth Extinction is what they deserve I watch on in disbelief At the horrors before me Unable to comprehend How this came to be
These webs of deceit I watch them weave We're all caught in its silk Whether we're able to see The reality before me I cannot seem to grasp Questioning if it's best To remain in the dark The illusion we're under We will never uncover Until the end of life Until we find another These webs of deceit We cannot leave Bound to its will Prey for its feast The reality before me Does it actually exist? As we slowly decay What use is it to resist? The reality before me Does it actually exist? This journey we take towards death We will never distinguish The uncertainty of this life Meaning we may never find In the midst of its beauty and gloom A glimmer of hope must suffice When the arachnids reveal themselves It'll be too late Your last breath in this dream world Where the illusion dispels And all that's left Is this rotting desolate hell And your place among the webs Ready to be buried In tombs of delusion
The rotting flesh Of those its chosen A vessel made of death Endlessly growing The world we know Slowly burning away There, looms its shadow As darkness clouds each day Once shadow, now flesh Bringing an end to everything As it takes control Of its human hosts The collected souls Will walk as one Hunting for its growth Feeding the shadow That dwells above us All the lost souls Possessed by its hold Harvested and flayed The shadow in full control Uniform graves A world in flames The only light that remains Quando la carne di tutti diventa uno Sarà la fine di tutto The soul harvester The end of existence


Perth death metal act Crypt Crawler has just released their second album entitled ‘Future Usurper’. This fully self-produced release shows Crypt Crawler at their very best, with this album proving that they have pushed their craft even further than their debut release 'To The Grave’.

Future Usurper hits hard, bringing their dynamic blend of dark, heavy old school death while pushing the songwriting into new realms. They introduce some slightly progressive elements, yet never lose touch with the old school death metal sound they have become known for.


released June 2, 2021

© 2021 Crypt Crawler
All music written by Crypt Crawler
All lyrics written by Marco Ieritano
Album artwork by Juanjo Castellano Rosado
All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Ieritano


all rights reserved



Crypt Crawler Perth, Australia

Western Australian Death Metal.

With influences such as Death, Obituary and Morbid Angel, Crypt Crawler bring back the sound of the old school whilst incorporating the undertones of today's modern death metal.


Photos by JV Photo & Film
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